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Home theaters are the one electronic entertainment provision that we find an entire family shares together and does so frequently.  While background music for the whole house may be used more often, the entire family rarely tune into the same type of music at the same time. In that sense a dedicated home theater with high quality sound and video becomes the one activity that a family enjoy together.  For over a decade, most of the home theaters we have installed feature JBL Synthesis Theater components as they are the most widely used audio components for most of high-end theaters and multiplex theaters around the country.   JBL Synthesis also offers the widest range of choices for system components to fit any space. 

In creating a dedicated room for a state of the art home theater, owners typically find themselves overwhelmed with decisions related to various aspects of the space: overall theater theme and its architectural detailing, placement of recessed audio elements, choices of colors, materials, seating, type and groups of lighting, placement of audio elements, placement of projection system, and sound proofing.  While an architect and an interior designer can collaborate to make most of those decisions, they cannot predict how audio and video elements will perform in a space they envision.  Moreover, they need to convey their design requirements to multiple vendors who will provide lighting, framing, and seating for the space.  Consider that a theater featuring 12 seats in a typical 18’x27′ requires as many at a minimum 17 speaker and sub-woofer elements to deliver a robust Atmos theater experience and various lighting groups.

Over the years we have found that working with a theater design team addresses almost all of the above challenges. Such a team brings a singular and unifying vision along with a unique set of skills to design, detail and even manufacture required elements for a high-end theater. For us, and many other AV vendors around the country, that singular vision has come from Acoustic Innovations who have been able to deliver all of the following skills and benefits to our mutual projects:

  • Ability to make the intended aesthetics tangible by providing a life-like rendering of the design before construction
  • Knowledge of wide range of theater audio and video elements, especially with JBL Synthesis Theater elements that have been featured most in all their projects
  • Designing with sound abatement techniques and providing required materials for sound abatement as well as on-site guidance
  • Architectural designs that detail all framing requirements, lighting groups, and seating placement
  • Placement of all theater elements to achieve best audio and video performance
  • Ability to manufacture all theater interior elements (walls, columns, seating, and other ornamental elements) and send a professional experienced team to install all such elements in the space and make any last minute adjustments required on site
  • Delivering cost reduction benefits in eliminating countless hours required to arrive at the choice of interior space elements, their acquisition, their final costs, and their installation in the space

Wide range of design themes readily available to quickly reach a consensus on aesthetics of the space.  Below is a gallery of some of their designs; some are of actual finished project, while some are only renderings; as you can see, the rendering give a fairly accurate sense of finished product to be expected.  You may also see samples of Acoustic Innovations designs here on their own site.

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