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We provide several solutions for residential Cellular signal enhancement, indoors and outdoors. For large signature properties or properties with multiple structures we can provide fiber-based solutions to deliver cellular connectivity to all indoor and outdoor spaces, and if required with large capacity to provide for large gatherings. For smaller residential space, we can provide more modest solutions. Whether you are looking to get cellular signal for a single carrier for a few users or multiple carriers in an enterprise level solution for a high capacity system, we are ready to see to your needs with skills in all of the following areas  
  • Initial site survey and data collection to determine existing quality of signal for your desired carrier(s)
  • Engineered designs based on architectural documents and construction materials used in computer generated rendering to create predictive heat-maps showing degree of cellular signal enhancements expected
  • Ability to wire any existing residence given over two decades of experience in retro-fitting wiring in signature homes for audio visual, WiFi and now cellular systems
  • Wide range of indoor antennas for signal distribution to conform to your aesthetic concerns
  • Monitoring and maintenance programs post installation for larger systems
  • For cellular signal enhancement in larger residential complexes, our enterprise solutions can be those we deploy in medium size commercial venues.  Our portfolio of such high capacity systems may be viewed  here.  Our experience in such high capacity enterprise level cellular signal enhancement guarantees that we will meet your requirements for such a system.


Small carrier-specific cell units can end your cellular signal limitation in short order. A strategically placed cell station, connected to a router with wiring for a GPS device to your roof-top will deliver cellular signal for your choice of carrier to any small to modest size residence.


For residences requiring signal from multiple carriers, we will provide an engineered design for a distribution system in which we acquire signal source from all the carriers of your choice, combine their signal in a system head-end, and deliver the combined signal over cabling to multiple antennas in various areas of the residence. Much like WiFi distribution systems, the signal can be tweaked per location to create an balanced overall connectivity and may extend to outdoor spaces.  Below is an example of a system from Nextivity Cel-Fi and small carrier cell stations for signal source.


We have enterprise grade solutions for distribution of cellular signal to residences featuring multiple structures, whether physically connected or not. These systems are engineered and employ remote or networked components to provide signal across all structures and large expanses of outdoor areas if requested. There are various systems available in this enterprise level category. Below example from Commscope is scalable and has been a recent but proven system for both large signature residences as well as commercial venues

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